Culinary Point of View

All-American. In that I mean the healthy melting pot that America was built on. The unabashed thirst for exploration and finding out what makes you, you. Holding onto your grandmas recipe book, but sneaking a peek at your wifes grandmas recipes for inspiration. Being unafraid to admit someone elses biscuits are bettter even if they ARE from Beijing. Making the world your pallete to work from and sticking as many flags on your plate as you want,

American Ale marinated German Brats on the grill for the 4th of July? SURE!

Hot dogs with a margarita salsa on the Cindo de Mayo? AWESOME!

Guinness Braised Pot Roast with Asian Vegetables for Sunday Dinner? OH YEAH!

Food should never be feared unless it is going to bite you back. Try it all and see how it fits into your life and the way you want to eat. Spicy, mild, pungent, salty, adventurous, plain jane and straight forward. It is YOUR food and you gotta eat it the way you want it, never be afraid, there is always the next time.

What makes a great meal, great?
You. Your love, your attention, your CHUTZPAH!
Delete Panda Dragon from speed-dial and get in the kitchen

Culinary Arts Course - Institute of Culinary Education
January 2009 to November 2009

Area of Studies:
Fundamentals of the Kitchen
Soups and Classic/Modern Sauces
Grain and Vegetable
Breakfast Cookery
Moist and Dry Cooking Methods
Advanced Preperation Methods
Regional Cuisines of France, Asia and Italy
Study of Modern Masters
Hors d' Oeuvres and Charcuterie
Pastry Essential and Modern Dessert Technique


M. Wells (nyc) - July 2010 to Present
Sous Chef

Naturally Delicious Catering (nyc) - May 2010
Prep Chef

Craft (nyc) - August 2009 to December 2009
Garde Manger