You know the old saying right?
Everybody does.
Some see it as a put down or a way to tell someone
to get lost.

Not Long Walk.

Design needs to be looked at from the same point of view. Take that BIG step off the edge into something new. Even though there is no boat, if you don't take that step, you will never get past the docks.

That is the essence of Long Walk, Short Pier. Destroying the world one step at a time and rebuilding it right behind. One poster, one photo, one website; tear it down, build it up and move on.

Take a look around, take that step and think about how you want YOUR world rebuilt.

About Brian D. Jones

Brian D. Jones, the Lead Designer grew up in a small industry town somewhere between a nuclear
power plant, an electric factory and
a DuPont's.

His career began serving in the US Army unit designated to aid Southeast Asia with it's mine and unexploded ordinance. Honorably discharged in 1999 lead him to a position at Citigroup as a PPT Designer.

Freelancing has brought about extensive work for mostly outsourced graphics departments in the Medical Education industry. Fission Communication and Hudson Medical Communications have exclusively employed his skills to become some of the most respected in the field. At the same time theatre and interior design companies, discovered and undiscovered bands have contracted him for gig posters, websites, and photo coverage of live events as well as studio photography. This work experience and recognition lead to teaching photography at the learning annex.

As for the future Brian D. Jones is striding confidently down the pier for Long Walk, Short Pier.